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You never have to sacrifice quality and style for price and with the selection of ties from Jon vanDyk the value is obvious once you get your hands on our neckties, bowties or other neckwear. Affordable fashions to match your everyday needs are never difficult at vanDyk with an array of style, colors and materials that make shopping for ties more of a pleasure than a trial.

A tie is what puts the finishing touch on a suit and finding the quality and at an affordable price is what makes vanDyk ties one of the leading providers of men’s neckties for cost-conscious customers. In order to maintain the highest production standards we have control over the manufacturing process that not only ensures that we are able to maintain the highest quality of our neckwear but also helps keep prices down. Our vertical integrated manufacturing process helps keep prices to a minimum and whether it’s men’s ties, boy’s ties, long ties or skinny ties there is an array of fashionable ties that will meet anyone’s needs.

See how Jon vanDyk will keep you in GO Style

When it comes to colors, vanDyk neckties are available in such a vast array of colors and designs that would make the rainbow jealous. Many people consider solid colors such as black, white and gold as the must-have colors for neckwear while others look for the more attention-getting colors like red, bright green and brilliant blues. No matter the statement you are trying to make with your choice of necktie the colors and designs are available in a high-quality fabric from vanDyk.

Every tip on our selection of neckties is tastefully embroidered with the highly-recognizable vanDyk name and logo to let others know you have chosen quality and value in your neckwear. Each of our ties will have the vanDyk label and matching loop sewn onto the back to demonstrate our commitment to your satisfaction with our ties.

In order to control the high quality of vanDyk ties that we demand our necktie fabric is woven by us. All ties have a very dense weave that is thicker than many other neckwear products and the 400-gram inner lining make our ties feel as though they cost considerably more. Receiving a value for your necktie is what vanDyk ties strives to achieve with every tie we sell and that quality promise is backed-up with a 30-day guarantee. If you are not satisfied with any of our neckties, for any reason, they can be returned and your money will be refunded.

While neckties are one of the leading products produced and sold by Jon vanDyk, based in Holland, the company also offers other accessories, sunglasses or shades to allow our customers to make a fashion statement without the higher cost often charged by other sunglasses companies. To complete your great look vanDyk has the same quality standards and dedication to making our customers look good with an array of sunglasses, also priced at being an affordable option. Some may use the term cheap to describe the price but there’s nothing cheap about the quality of our line of sunglasses or neckties.